With excellent year-round visibility, some of the healthiest coral reefs in the world and dozens of WWII ship and plane wrecks, including the world's only diveable aircraft carrier, the flagship of the Japanese World War II armada, and an amazingly intact B-26 bomber in only 5 foot depth, just to name a few of the discovered wrecks, 

the Marshall Islands offers unparalleled wreck diving and coral sightseeing throughout. Divers can enjoy steep drop-offs, coral pinnacles, channels and reef points. Certain dive spots are abundant with fast moving pelagic schools, while others boast rich varieties of hard or soft coral.


Arno's 3 lagoons provide an underwater playground for divers, filled with vibrant marine life. The most accessible outer island destination from Majuro without compromising the outer island experience


A wreck divers dream come true! See the ghostly ships of WWI and WWII as they lie silently waiting to tell you their stories of adventure in the Pacific and a reminder to all of the devastations of war.


Get acquainted with Pacific Island conservation efforts while plunging into Jaluit's WWII underwater treasures. Who knows, you might discoverer Jaluit's newest wreck!


After 50 years of isolation, the Rongelap experience has now been made public, and it is beautiful! Marine scientists merely peeking below the surface of the lagoon are calling it the next World Heritage site.


From native birds that soar the skies, to an underwater realm of Manta rays, sharks and Giant clams, to WWII relics that bespeak Mili's past, this truly is an explorers paradise both above and below the water.


Literally translated, Likiep mean "purse of treasures," and Likiep certainly is that - its people, their unique colonial culture, and just Likiep's underwater world are treasures indeed.

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