The Islands

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is one of the only four atoll nations in the world and is also one of the world's youngest nations, independent only since 1986.  The Marshall Islands consists of 29 atolls each made up of many islets and 5 islands in the central Pacific.  The atolls and islands are situated in two almost paralledl chain-like formations known as the Ratak (Sunrise or Eastern) group and Ralik (Sunset or Western) group. The total number of islands and islets in the whole Republic is approximately 1,225 spreading across a sea area of over 750,000 square miles (1.2 million square kms). The total land area is about 70 square miles (171 square kms).

The mean heigh of the land is about 7 feet above sea level (2 meters)

Ratak Chain
Ralik Chain


  • Majuro Island, Majuro Atoll