The Marshall Islands Resort 


Tel: (692) 625-2525 Fax: (692) 625-2555  Facilities: 150 first-class air-conditioned rooms, 7 suites, swimming pool, tennis court, conference room, restaurant, bar, beachfront, 24-hour fitness room, airport shuttle, business center, on-site Dive Shop. Visa/MC, JBC accepted.


Robert Reimers Hotel 

Tel: (692) 625-5131 Fax: (692) 625-3505 Facilities: 36 air-conditioned rooms, including beachside thatched bungalows, with restaurant, bar, meeting hut, conference room,  diving and fishing tours, car rental, and airport shuttle. Visa/MC accepted.


Hotel Marshall Islands 

Tel: (692) 625-5699 Facilities: 7 air-conditioned rooms, restaurant, bar and night club located downtown. Cash only.


Flame Tree Backpacker's Hostel 

Tel: (692) 625-4229 Fax: (692) 625-3136 Facilities: 20 fan-cooled dormitory and double rooms and some air-conditioned rooms with private facilities, with restaurant and bar. Visa/MC, JBC and Diners accepted.


Lojkar and Majuro Airport Apartels 

Tel: (692) 625-3560 Fax: (692-247-7714 Facilities: Airport: 10 air-conditioned rooms with refrigerator, wifi access.  Lojkar, Long Island: master bedroom, large living room, kitchen, furniture, a/c, wifi with prepaid card, shuttle to appointments.  


Uliga Inn & Apartments 

Tel: (692) 625-7548 Fax: (692) 625-7011 Facilities: 15 air-conditioned rooms, airport shuttle, wifi access, within walking distance to major shopping and restaurants.  Cash and Travellers Cheques only.




Bikendrik Island Hideaway

Tel: (692) 455-0787/625-2525 Fax: (692) 625-2555 Facilities: Small private island retreat with French cuisine, electricity by generator, running water and private beach.  Perfect wedding or honeymoon destination.  Around 15-20 minutes boat ride from the Marshall Islands Resort.  1 beach house bungalow, 1 plantation colonial room w/private facilities and deck area. Direct deposit or cash only.


Eneko Island Getaway 

Tel: (692) 625-6474 Fax: (692) 625-3783 Facilities: 3 semi-detached bungalows and 1 beach bungalow with private facilities.  Share kitchen, lounge bungalow with deck.  Picnic and camping area with BBQ facilities.  7 mile by boat from downtown.  Ideal spot for snorkeling and picnicking.  Visa, Mastercard, and Amex thru Hotel Robert Reimers.  



Three Bag Island

Tel: (692) 625-3251 Fax: (692) 625-3136 Facilities: Private island with 2-story cottage building, solar powered, running water, private beach.  Bring your own food and beverage.  Cash only.  





Arno, Arno "Arno Beachcomber"

Tel: (692) 625-0052 Cell: (692) 455-3033/1964/3389 / Francis Reimers of Iva Reimers-Roberto Facilities: master bedroom, large living room, full kitchen, furniture, bath, 24 hour water and electricity. Take your own food, cook with the help of caretaker Domnick.


Hotel Ebeye

Tel: (692) 329-5230 Facilities: 19 rooms with a/c, some singles with queen size beds, some doubles with twin size beds and deluxe single with mini-kitchen.  Anrohasa bar and nightclub downstairs in the back.  Cash only. 


Mili Island, NKB Thatched Houses 


Tel: (692) 625-8145/8456 Cell: (692) 455-3118/0402 (Contact Neimoj or Kejjo Bien).  Facilities:  4 cottages, separate shower & bathroom, provide own meal with help of caretaker, energy by generator.  Cash only. 


Wotje Island Apartments

Tel: (692) 625-3223 (Marshall Islands Development Bank) (contact Mr. Bandrik Langidrik) Facilities: 4 rooms. Can accommodate up to 2 people per room.  Cash only. 


Home stays on all other Outer Atolls can be arranged through the Marshall Islands Visitors Authority.