Fishing Tours

With its 29 coral atolls spread out over 750,000 square miles of tropical Pacific Ocean, The Marshall islands is literally one of the fishiest countries on earth!

The Marshall Islands offers an incredible array of fishing opportunities within the lagoons, on the reef flats, and in the open ocean. Anglers can enjoy fly-fishing, jigging and bottom fishing, trolling, casting/whipping and more.


Fishing Operators

Boats vary in type and size (ranging from about 25 to 45 feet). Charters are available for fishing, lagoon cruises, Arno day trips or picnics. Charter boats include:

  • Wasabi contact Cary Evarts 455-3044
  • Blue Bird (21ft fiberglass) call Clyde Heine at 625-3369 or email
  • Bud Wiser (19ft V-Bottom, homebuilt) call Kyle Aliven 455-0035 or 455-2354
  • Celinda (23ft V-Bottom, homebuilt) call Bwiji Aliven 455-0035 or 455-2354
  • Dragon (24ft Yamaha) call Rudy Aliven 455-0035 or 455-2354
  • Just In Time (23ft Bayliner, modified) call John Murphy 625-3251/8146 or 455-3251 or email
  • Kirtake (37ft Navy hull) call Ronnie Reimers, RRE 625-6474, 625-3250 ext.291
  • Lady Lu (45ft Scarab) call James Bing, G&L 625-3133/2447, 247-8891, 455-0723 or email
  • Lemjalulu (32ft Yamaha) call Sherwood Tibon 455-3627
  • Lijakwe (30ft Sportfisher) call Sonny Milne 625-2121
  • LorraineK (35ft Bertram) call Kenneth Kramer, PII 625-3122 or 455-0222 or email
  • Marlyne Star (26ft Home Built) call Robert Toto Momotaro 625-2022/455-8687
  • MEC Brits Too (22ft Islander) call Ana Andy, MEC 625-8445 or email
  • Miss Krista (25ft Bayliner call Christopher deBrum 455-1126
  • Nini (20ft homebuilt) call John Kawakami 625-6123
  • Shia (20ft Bertram) call Kester Albert 625-5049 or 455-0244
  • Whiskey (25ft Hunter) call Daniel Kramer, PII 625-3122 or 455-9536 or email
  • Wildside (28ft Marlboro) call Brian Kirk at 625-1175 or email
  • XXXX (37ft Navy Hull) call Ben Reimers, RRE 625-6474, 625-3250 ext. 391 or 455-2628