Handicraft Shopping

All Original Marshallese Handicrafts


Majuro is the best place to shop for the hand-made, all-natural and all-original Marshallese handicrafts. Marshallese crafts are renowned for their originality and fine artistic quality. Our mats, hats, model canoes, stick charts, baskets, and necklaces are all hand-made, of high quality and totally natural. To learn more about Marshallese Handicraft Items click here.


Purchases Can Be Made at the Following Locations Around Majuro
  • Lepajid Handicraft Shop across Assumption School 625-6880
  • ELEFA Handicraft Shop Across from former Majuro bowl or Airport 625-5455/455-0272 wac_ma@hotmail.com
  • Am Amimono and Handicraft Shop Momotaro Store 625-3334 Lvystrss@yahoo.com
  • Tourist Trap Below Flame Tree, Airport 625-8189
  • Happy Hands Handicraft Shop Uliga across from Hotel Robert Reimers 625-0052 francisreimers@hotmail.com
  • the 3 Sisters Downtown Backroad next to Micronitor 625-7335 darsales@natamar.net
  • Nei's Handicraft Airport 247-5358/455-1158